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Panchakarma has been given a special place in all the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Aacharya Charak, the author of the most important ancient text on internal medicine, has described a wide use of Panchakarma therapy for almost all the major diseases.Two separate sections, Kalpa Sthanam, and Siddhi Sthanam in Charak Samhita describe the details of special decoctions and other preparations used for Panchakarma therapy.

Stress in the workplace creates a variety of symptoms, including anxiety, fatigue, increased anger, problems with relationships, inability to focus properly, stress headaches, insomnia and, over time, a variety of stress-related diseases. Ayurveda brings about the balance between our physical & mental aspects and helps us to remain naturally beautiful. Herbs of tremendous medicinal values are found abundantly in nature. Ayurveda uses these herbs individually and in special blends to treat every kind of physical & psychological problems.

Psoriasis is caused by vitiation of vata and kapha dosha. The vitiated doshas affect the skin and blood tissues. They also influence water element of the affected region on skin. Thus the skin which is influenced by affected doshas becomes discolored (white or copper colored), scaly and thin.

Arthritis is one of the most common ailment for which Ayurvedic help is being sought these days. According to Ayurveda mostly pains are caused by the aggravation of vata (air) dosha. Arthritis is a condition which is caused by accumulation of ama and aggravation of vata. (Ama is a toxic by-product of improper digestion.) This ama circulates in the whole body and deposits or gets collected at the sites which are weaker. When it deposits in the joints and at the same time there is aggravation of vata, it results in amavata/arthritis. Body massage with sesame or mustard oil helps to reduce the vata and thus reduce the pain.

Paralysis could be one of the most terrible conditions that a human body can be afflicted with. Minor paralyses can be treated and the person can become healthy again (in this case it means that the person can move all his or her body parts in a normal manner again). But treatment of major paralysis, such as loss of movement in the hands, legs or the whole torso, can be a very long and arduous process.

Asthma is a debilitating and potentially deadly chronic inflammatory disease of the airway which mainly arises from allergies. You may characterize it by sudden recurring attacks of laboured breathing, chest constriction and coughing.Airborne pollens and moulds, plants and plant proteins and enzymes, animals like cats, dogs etc., specific bacterial strains, emotional upsets, food and indiscretions, smoking etc. may trigger asthma. When the attack of asthma is accounted, the patient may not be able to breathe in and out because of congestion of chest, air passages and throat.

No cure is known for diabetes yet. But this condition can be lived with if healthy measures are taken. Ayurveda has a treasure-mine of information relating to diabetes, which is called madhumeha in Sanskrit, and means to combat with the depressing disease. Madhumeha is a disease that can be caused due to vitiation of any one of the three doshas-vata, pitta or kapha. Most cases of diabetes in the world are of the kaphadosha vitiation. Agni is also responsible for the culmination of diabetes. Agni represents the bodily fires, and when these fires are diminished, then there is a chance that the carbohydrate utilization may not occur in the correct manner, thus leading to increased levels of glucose in the blood.

Cervical Spondylosis is a condition of degeneration of the inter-vertebral disks, which advances with advancing age and which, in course of time, also involves the adjacent vertebrae and the para-vertebral structures. The treatment of cervical spondylosis and herniated disk comprises of use of medications to arrest the degenerative process.

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yogaThe word ‘Yoga’ reminds many people of a person wearing saffron clothes and doing dhyana at some secluded place. But we claim that this belief is in actuality an erroneous one, and that Yoga has relevance even to a modern-day working man.

basic-principles-of-ayurvedaAyurveda offers reference points for managing treatment decisions specific to each case. Ayurvedic theory is profoundly useful in analysing individual patient constitution and understanding variations in disease manifestation.

PanchakarmaPanchakarma is a Sanskrit word that means “five actions” or “five treatments”. This age-old science of purifying the body is an ancient branch of Ayurveda, The Treatment in Ayurveda consists of two main types.