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Ailments treated in Ayurvedic:

Arthritis Gastrointestinal Problems Obesity
Asthma General Weakness Paralysis
Back Pain Genitourinary Infections Piles or Hemorrhoids
Cervical Spondylitis Gout Psoriasis
Constipation Gynecological problems Rheumatic Problems
Depression Hypertension Sciatica
Diabetes Immune problems Sinusitis
Disc prolapsed Kidney stone Skin diseases
Eczema GBladder Stone Sleep disorders
ENT Disorders Liver diseases Stress related problems
Frozen shoulder Nervous disorders Traumas

Ayurvedic Treatments Offered:

S. No.
Treatments / Therapies
1. Kerala Special Treatments
2. Panchakarma/Detox Treatments
3. Therapeutic Treatments
4. Rejuvenation Therapies
5. Beauty Care Treatments
6. Relaxation Massages

Ayurvedic Facials:

Fairness and skin brightening glow facial
Pigmentation facial – papaya facial
Acne and pimple facial
Gold facial