“I suffered with severe pain in low back and leg due to Lumbar Spondylosis and Sciatica. I had disc narrowing at L4 L5, L5 S1. I was given 7 days Therapy at KAC after which my low back pain is almost gone. I have no sciatica pain in my legs and I can sleep well now.”

Mrs: Hawa Bibi Khan , Clare Estate

“I suffered with Lumbar Spondylosis and Sciatica causing sharp pain in my lower back and right leg. I underwent special spine treatment at KAC after which my Lumbar Spondylosis has improved more than 90% and my Scaitica pain is completely gone. I can walk without pain now.

Mr: Jackie Reddy , Tollgate

“I had Spondylosis and disc herniation at L3, L4 and L5, which caused severe pain, burning and numbness in my feet. After my treatment at KAC the pain in my back is not there anymore and the burning sensation under my feet is completely gone.”

Abdul Bux , Ladysmith

“I came to KAC in July 2010 with severe low back pains, which was there for 3 years. I was treated for my spine and I found absolute relief from my low back pains during the treatment and even after 1 year. I refer both my family and friends to KAC and pray to god to bless and keep everyone at KAC strong to serve his creation.”

Moulana Abdul Bhayat , Harrismi

“I suffered with ovarian cyst, lumbar spondylosis and renal failure for many years. At KAC, i underwent 7 days of treatment and medication. My ovarian cyst has reduced from 6cm to 3.5cm. My b.p and creatin levels has also reduced. I have no more back pains and i feel more energetic. Thanks to KAC.”

Mrs: N Singh , PMB

“I suffered with lumbar spondylosis for 1 Year. This caused me so much of pains that i couldn’t sit or stand and i had to use clutches to walk. At KAC i underwent 7 days of intensive treatment and medication. On the second day of treatment i was able to sit and stand and even before i completed the 7th day of treatment i didnot need the clutches anymore. I got great relief from KAC and would recommend anyone with any kind of problem to KAC.”

Salim Moosa , Tongaat

“I suffered with Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis with disc space narrowing at C3-C4-C5-C6 causing me severe pain in the Neck, Shoulder, Lower back & my feet. After my 2 weeks treatments @ KAC I have No Pain in my Neck, Shoulder or Lower back.I also have No burning or Numbness in my hands or legs & my gout has cleared.”

J Hassam (Durban)

“I suffered with Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis causing severe pain in my neck and low back. I did 10 days treatment at KAC after which I have No Headaches at all, No low back pain and No cervical pain at all.Thanks to KAC.”

S Govender (Durban)


“I suffered with slip disc L4- L5, causing severe pain in my low back radiating to the hip. I could not even sit properly. At KAC I was given 1 week spine treatment, after which my pain has completely gone, I have no Slip disc or any radiating pain. Thanks to KAC”

Mr: Dhurumraj, La Mercy


“I suffered with chronic eczema and pigmentation for eight years. I underwent a 7 day detox program at KAC from the third day of detox my eczema rashes started clearing up. After 7 days I had no itching and all my rashes cleared completely.”

Nonjabulo , Illovo

“I suffered with severe psoriasis for 42 years. I also had swelling, Acid Reflux, Arthritis pains and Diabetes. At KAC I underwent 7 days of intensive treatment and I am amazed that my skin is close to normal and I don’t have any Acid Reflux or Arthritis pains. My insulin levels have reduced from 4.7 to 3.1. I feel so much better. Thanks to KAC.”

Mr: SEG Hoosen , Port Shepstone

“I suffered with Psoriatic Arthritis, due to which I had severe itchy patches and pains in all my joints. After the detox program at KAC, my itching has completely subsided, my patches are healing and I do not have any arthritic pains. I now sleep very well.”

Lutchman Naidoo , La Lucia

“I suffered with acid reflux, hot flushes, post menopausal syndrome and oesteoarthritis which caused me lots of body pains. At KAC and I underwent 14 days of treatment. I have no acid reflux. My hot flushes and body pains has reduced and the facial pigmentation hae started clearing. I also lost 3 kgs. Thanks to KAC.”

Mrs: N Naidoo , Glenwood

“I suffered with Chronic Eczema for 5 years resulting in extremely dry, blackish, tight skin, with severe itching, cuts/oozing. I also suffered with sinus & allergic Rhinitis. I underwent a complete body detox @ KAC after which I have no itching, the texture & colour of my skin has turned to normal at most of the places (especially my face) the dryness is completely gone & I feel so good. Thanks to KAC.”

Brinda Heeraman , Phoenix

“I suffered with Chronic IBS, ulcers, eczema and pigmentation. I saw many specialists but got no relief. I visited KAC and i was put on a 7 day detox treatment. my IBS and pigmentation cleared completely and my eczema is also almost cleared up. For the ifrst time in 8 years, i feel so energetic and well inside and out. Thanks to KAC.”

Devigi Govender , Ottawa

“I suffered with oesteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and obesity for 20 years. This caused me alot of pain and swelling leading to me having poor mobility. At KAC i took 14 days of treatment and my pains and swelling are completely gone. I can move freely now and i lost 7 kgs. Thanks to KAC.”

Mr: A Dayaljee , Clare Estate

“I suffered with rheumatiod arthritis, lupus, severe congestion & short breath, high blood pressure & Diabetes for 15 years. I underwent a 7 day of treatment for my fibrosis after which my congestion cleared completely and I have no short breath. I then did a complete body detox after which my rheumatoid arthritis had completely cleared according to the blood tests and my B.P has controlled excellently. Thanks to KAC.”

Sharda Singh , Kharwastan

“I suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis for years causing severe body & joint pains, Slip disc and radiating pain in the lower back and in the right leg. I underwent a course of Arthritis therapy and a complete body detox at KAC after which I have No Pain in Low back and the radiating pain in my rigth leg has completely cleared. I also have No Joint pain at all. Thanks to KAC. “

Ramcharan (Durban)


“My mother suffered with chronic diabetes and renal failure and is on dialysis 3 times a week. She also had her one leg amputated due to gangerine and now I found out that she has gangerine on her other toe. At KAC she was given a 1 week intense circulation treatment and after which, we went back to the surgeon who confirmed with tests that her blood flow was better by 50% and the gangerine has also improved. There definitely was an improvement in mum’s condition. Many thanks to KAC.”

For Mrs F.B Sultan (Daughter)

“I suffered with Obesity, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Severe Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis causing Vertigo and Dizziness. I also had no sensation in my left arm and neuropathy in my feet. I underwent 14 days of intensive treatment at KAC after which I had No Phlegm, No Acid Reflux, No Dizziness, No Vertigo, No Neuropathy Syndrome and my BP & Blood sugar controlled very well.Thanks to KAC. “

V Harriram (Durban)

“I suffered with Diabetes, poor circulation in both feet, severe swelling, black discoloration, itchiness and wound in the ankle. I did a circulation treatment and detox @ KAC after which I have my blood sugar controlled from 19 to 6. There is No Swelling at all in my ankle, No Black Discoloration and No Burning under my feet.”

Mr V Ganas (Durban)


“I suffered with chronic sinusitis, postnasal drip and migraines, severe pain in the eye, neck and lower back pain. I also had psoriasis for 20 years. I underwent a 7 days sinus and migraines treatment, nasal detox at KAC. After the 3rd treatment my post nasal drip cleared. Now i have no headaches, no migraine, no neck pain. I the did a complete body detox for my psoriasis, after which the psoriasis have cleared up totally from most of my body.”

Seishnie Pillay , Westville

“I suffered with severe swelling, pain and poor circulation in my legs for the past 5 years. I was advised to go for surgery. A friend told me to come to KAC and i am amazed that not only did the swelling and pain in my leg go away, even the black colour is clearing now. GOD BLESS KAC.”

Nomthandazo , Waterloo

Sarojee Govender

“I suffered with chronic Gouty Arthritis, high B.P, Diabetes, chronic sinus and postnasal drip. I was given a week long full body detox program which flushed out the uric acid and other toxins from my body as a result my gout is completely gone. I have no arthritis pains, my sinus & postnasal drip has cleared, my B.P is normal and i sleep very well. Thanks KAC.”

Nomvuzo Shabalala(Deputy Mayor), Duban

“I suffered with frozen shoulders, sinusitis and varicous veins for many years. Due to this i had severe body pains and headaches. At KAC I underwent 2 treatments for 7 days and i have no pains or sinusitis and my frozen shoulders are much better. I feel so relaxed and i have no more headaches. Thanks KAC.”

Mrs: A Poonsamy, Phoenix

“I suffered with high blood pressure, chronic depression, fatigue, poor sleep and gastritis. I underwent a 7 day treatment at KAC along with medication and my depression has very well controlled, sleep has improved and my B.P has reduced from 184/103 to 147/82. I feel energetic and very good. Thanks KAC.”

Mr: Ganesh Pather, Kenville, Durban

“I suffered with wheezing, asthma, sinus, allergic rhinitis and psoriasis. I was given a nasal detox for my sinus and asthma for a week, which cleared my post-nasal drip, sore throat and wheezing. after that I underwent a full body detox for another week which completely cleared all my wheezing and psoriasis. Thanks KAC.”

Preashen Pillay, Prestondale

“I suffered with hietus hernia, gastriis, acid reflux and nausea with no improvement on modern medicine. After undergoing 1 detox program at KAC I have noticed a significant improvement and no longer suffer from nausea. In addition I have noticed a very good change in my body.
Thanks to the doctors at KAC for making the quality of my life better.”

Dr. Avani Maharaj, Parlock, Durban

“I suffered with severe Low Back and Hip Pain, Phlegm, Postnasal Drip and High Cholesterol. I underwent a 2 week treatment for my spondylosis and hip pain followed by a complete body detox, after which I had amazing results as I have No Low back pains, No hip pain, No Acid Reflux and my blood sugar reduced to 5.5 and I am now sleeping very well. Thanks to KAC. “

J Moodley (Durban)

“I suffered with 4th stage Kidney Disease causing fluid retention & swelling of my body, severe Cough, Wheezing, Fever & Body Pain. I underwent a 10 day course @ KAC after which I have No Swelling, No Body Pain, My Phlegm cleared & my Cough Stopped. I can breath easily & I lost 7 kgs.”

S Owdbehari (Port Shepstone)