Ayur Salt

Ayur salt is the Indus Valley Salt, used in Ayurvedic wellness and longevity for thousands of year’s. Ayur Salt is a natural rock salt, mined washed by hand and dried in the sun. No additives. The faint pink color hue is due to tits of iron content. This salt is anti inflammatory and is used in arthritis & osteoporosis treatment. It is calmative & digestive. It penetrates very rapidly into the cells and has been known to reduce high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats and keep the heart healthy. It also relieves cramps & stiffness of muscles.
Just use Ayur Salt in your daily cooking and see the difference.
Ayur salt has 59 natural trace minerals such has calcium, sulphur, potassium, Sodium, gold, magnesium, Iron, Iodine, Zinc and many more.

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