Ayurveda and Women Health

Ayurveda and Women Health.

Woman body is wonderfully complex and delicate. Multiple roles as the mother, daughter, wife, homemaker, wage earner is physically and mentally quite taxing. As a woman, you might share some common health risks with men, such as Hypertension, Diabetes etc. but because of your special reproductive role, you are at risk of some distinctly female disorders.

Ayurveda is a health care system sensitive to women’s special health needs. Women are far more sensitive to the rhythms and cycles of nature and Ayurveda is founded on the principle of keeping the body toned in tune with nature. and naturally women find Ayurveda very suitable.

Ayurveda has formulated tonics, healthcare supplements and such other health care products for prenatal, post natal and neonatal care and to ensure reproductive health. Effective herbal remedies are available for the problem of menopause and conditions such as pre-menstrual tension.

Ayurveda has best natural health supplements and products to manage the changes in the body right from puberty to menopause. Ayurveda can work miracles. Ayurvedic healthcare is the perfect solution for women to stop the aging process. Periodic rejuvenation therapy will keep health, beauty and zest intact throughout the years.

This section deals with some common problems like, menopause, menstrual disorders, pregnancy,motherhood , breast feeding etc. It also deals with Skin and Beauty care , Acne etc.

Ayurvedic Skin Care.

Skin is the seat of a sense organ. The senses of touch, pain, temperature, pressure are felt by it. It is a Matruj Avyava i.e. derived from mother or having maternal origin.It gives external covering to the whole body. The seven layers of skin get their nutrition from Mansa Dhatu {muscle tissue}. It is known as an UpDhatu (secondary tissue product) of the Raktadhatu (blood) because it only mimics the Dhatu’s in beholding the body. It does not do Poshan Karma i.e. do not give nutrition to the other Dhatus.

As skin is an Upadhatu of the Raktadhatu , it is a mirror that reflects the qualities of the Raktadhatu (blood) and the Rasadhatu (body’s plasma tissue).Hence it is a common saying that ‘glowing skin is the result of good quality Rasa and Rakta’. No amount of bleaching and facial massage or application of make-up through dexterity of a skilled beautician can hide the shallow look if the skin is unhealthy. Conversely, a healthy skin will always look attractive even when devoid of make-up.


Acne vulgaris (the common acne) is very common malady of teenagers involving predominantly the face. Although many efforts have been tried to combat with this disease but still it exists as a troublesome problem in society. Modern science deals it mostly with a symptomatic approach. The disease requires correct and efficient long-term management, which produces social and psychological upset. Acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the pilosebaceous units and characterized by formation of comedones (blackheads & whiteheads), papules, nodules, pustules, cysts, abscesses and scars. Four major factors are involved in the pathogenesis of acne though all the factors may not be present in one patient.

They are :–

  • Increased sebum production: This can be due to increased levels of androgens or their active metabolites. Sebum disintegrates into free fatty acids, which are irritating.
  • Abnormal microbial flora: Increased levels of propionibacterium acne contribute to inflammation and irritation. But acne is not infectious.
  • Follicular wall and sebaceous duct hyperkeratinization: leads to blockage of retention of sebum.
  • Inflammation

Acne is common in both sexes after puberty. It is more severe in males. It is polymorphic disease involving mainly the face. Other seborrhoeic areas of body like back, chest and shoulders are involved in severe cases. Emotional stress is known to aggravate acne. Sweating also aggravates them. Premenstrual flare up is known to occur in females but diet has not been proved to have any effect on acne.

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